Isang Seaman binati ang kanyang asawa ng happy new year pero eto ang naging sagot ng kanyang asawa


Our love ones are working hard to give us a bright future. ┬áSometimes they live far away from us just to give or provide what we need. They work day and night to earn extra income. In some cases others work abroad or on a ship to earn money. We overheard that ┬ávideo is really going viral as it has 41,419,518 views as of this writing. It has 343,200 likes and 403,469 dislikes on youtube. Let’s wait for more days and weeks it will surely make it to the trending page of youtube. The likes and comments and views would dramatically increase more. This video is very controversial that is the reason why people on social media are sharing it. The seaman texted her wife happy new year. He had a reply that others did not expect. They work hard to give a bright future.

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