Maja Salvador, Carrot Man Dance Showdown Despacito


We overheard from a fan of Maja Salvador that they request a dance showdown between their idol Maja and the popular carrot man. They request that the showdown would be in the tune of “Despacito”. The two popular personalities have a lot of fans and followers. Maja Salvador is a popular actress and is excellent in dancing.Maja is also a model and a producer. Maja is regarded as the “dance princess”.Maja in her career, she has received a lot of awards and nominations. From 2006 up to 2017, she is included in the FHM Philippines 100 sexiest women. In 2014 her album title”Believe” from Ivory records received a platinum award.In 2015, her album “Maja In Love” ¬†also from Ivory also recieved a Platinum award. Maja appeared in television. such as “It might be you”, “Spirits”,Maalaala mo kaya”, Love Spell Presents , Home switch home, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, Wildflower and other popular Tv shows. She appeared in a lot of films, 2006 Sukob, First day High, 2007 My Kuya’s wedding , One more Chance,2008, Kelly Kelly ang hit na Musical, 2009 Villa Estrella, Sheke Rattle and Roll XI, 2010 Cinco, Father Jejemon 2011 Thelma, 2012 My cactus Heart, 24/7 In Love 2013 Status It’s complicated, 2015 Your Still the one 2016 Tatay kong Sexy 2017 I’m Drunk I love You.

Carrot man on the other hand has also has fans and followers. Popular carrot man is an internet sensation. If the dance showdown would push thru it would garner millions of views. Carrot man is also known as Jayrick Sigmaton, was born in 1994 and he is from Barlig, mountain Province. He is a popular internet sensation.

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