“May Nangyari SA Amin Ng Nanay Ng Girlfriend Ko” Ito ay Sobrang Nag Viral Ang Ibinunyag Ng Lalaking Ito


We overheard that on a segment called “Let’s Talk About X-Rated”, listeners can listen to other listener’s steamy stories about their sex life. But one caller shared a story that made the hosts and listeners feel disturbed, uneasy, and angry. The story was shared by James, a 21-year old guy from Malabon, and he wanted to share an x-rated story, but he warned them that it will be creepy. Long story short, James’ girlfriend and him were caught having sex in the living room. They were caught by their mom and her mom warned James that she wouldn’t tell about this issue to his father in one condition. The condition is to “make her happy” by having sex with him. The hosts advised James to distance away from her girlfriend’s mother, we certainly agree.  source youtube

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