Naalala Niyo Pa Ba Ang Babaeng Gumanap Bilang SI Betty La Fea Ito Pala Ang Itsura Niya


We overheard that  actress Ana Maria Orozco was popular back then because of the popular Colombian telenovela “Yo Soy Betty, La Fea” or also known as “Betty La Fea” here in the Philippines. The telenova became a real hit and a lot were really watching it. Now,she doesn’t wear the nerdy attire that she wears on the telenovela, but instead she wears clothes that most celebrities choose to wear with. She’s now 44 years old and was married to Martin Quaglia in 2005. They now have 2 daughters, namely Lucrecia and Mia.She is an excellent actress.A lot of people admire her talent and beautiful personality.  source:youtube



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