Nakikilala Niyo Pa Ba Ang Kambal Sa Isang Sikat Na Detergent Commercial Ito Na Pala Sila Ngayon Talagang Napakagaganda At Pinag Kakaguluhan Ngayon Sa Social media


The Surf detergent commercial about Lumen, her husband Lando, and their family, has always touched our hearts back in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Apparently, the twins were portrayed by Charlotte and Charice Hermoso. This commercial isn’t their only appearance on the national television as both of them also appeared on GMA’s 2007 series, “Impostora.” Now, the adorable young girls we’ve watched back then grew up into gorgeous ladies. Currently, both of them are enrolled at the University of Perpetual Help DALTA in Las PiƱas. Charlotte can be distinguished for her laid-back and simple outfits. Just like every millennial, she also likes to take selfies while she’s in the car. On the other hand, Charlotte is more of a fashionista and can even be a model in the near future.

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